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Recommendation of Use and Application

Siete Machos traditionally has been characterized by its positive effects on body, soul and mind.

Consumers themselves them has been found that the most widespread use is as follows:

Personal Use:
Wash Shampoo Siete Machos and seven males bathe with soap . Then apply lotion Siete Machos over the body rubbing gently up and down , eliminating bad influences. Continue rubbing a second application from the bottom up thinking everything positive and goals you want to achieve.

Siete Machos Candle: Turn it on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Siete Machos Incense: A wand a day, buy TALISMAN MEDAL.

Household and business:
Candle and incense blend business and home.
Two horses pouring lotion Siete Machos in a bucket of mop water harmonizes the business or home,
leaving an atmosphere of success.

It is noteworthy that Siete Machos has been a guarantor of tradition, faith and magic that has promoted the interior and exterior cleaning experts.


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