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We want to share with you some of the testimonials who sent us many of the people who use the products Siete Machos.

Farmacia Las Torres Lopez Portillo Street.
Ms. Azucena Castilla
Ms. Teresa Robles, he said that for many years his mother ( now deceased ) used the lotion seven males. Ms. I was sick he did not reach enough oxygen and blood to the brain in addition to suffering from severe headaches. She Lotion seven males went down and could calm down, had great faith and was essential for her to have on hand Lotion seven males.

The husband of Ms. Robles using lotion seven males, puts his wallet for your money go to him.

Mr. Salvador Reyes ( driver )
His father and grandfather used the lotion Siete Machos, to date Mr. Salvador 's used because it says it is a product of tradition that passes from generation to generation.

Martha Galindo
The Ms. Martha Galindo, use the candle Siete Machos for your business ( grocery store ) turns a while every morning the candle to attract customers and ward off bad vibes.

Mr. Gerardo Alvarez , owner of the San Ignacio , Iztapalapa pharmacy.
Mr. Gerardo sells all seven male line, says is very good, since the use has noticed changes for the better in his personal life and in your business. Shampoo with seven males makes cleaning in pharmacy likes the smell because it's nice and lasts a long time.

Ms. Maricela
24 hours pharmacy, Real Tultepec .
The Mrs. Maricela owns the pharmacy, she has great faith in the lotion seven males, and had days that customer traffic had decreased, it was agreed that samples had left him and sprayed at the entrance of business, sales were improving. Since then every day to open for business entry sprayed with lotion.

Ms. Socorro Mata.
To love him seven males Lotion recommended as follows :

-          Seven red rose petals.

-          7 drops of lotion seven males.

-          7 drops of honey.

This mixing in two liters of water and apply after bathing from head to foot , with great faith asking the love of your life comes. She gave result.

Males only seven authentic Urania, imitations are not working.

  We hope your testimony, if you want to share your story with us please send an email to:

This prohibited the manufacture and / or total or partial reproduction of patented products and brand presentations Siete Machos (7 males ) in any of its presentations.

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