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One of the oldest brands in Mexico , recorded in 1930. lotions , perfumes and soaps, plus a line of other presentations , which have been widely accepted in Mexico for more than 8 decades , it has became a tradition and faith for the costumers.

Without competition , this " niche product " is distributed throughout the Mexican Republic.
As a result of tradition , for many Mexicans it is also a product of nostalgia, by what of both is some genuine emotion to find Urania Siete Machos products.

The distribution in Mexico has been successful through the network of wholesalers and pharmacies prestige. Remember that customs against Mexican products influence buyers.

They identify with tradition, and images of the known.
  Product 100 % Mexican.
  Mexican brand since 1930.
  Product without competition.
  Product of nostalgia.
  Accessible Product .
  Unisex products.
  Product of tradition (generational ).
  Product sales all year.
Interpretation and Symbolism

Founded in 1930 based on a variety of essences, flowers and natural extracts harvested by Mexican Indians , who mixed this different aroma.

A black package that adds elegance , seriousness and mysticism.
  A label with golden frame symbolizing abundance.
  A cauldron with tongues of flame represents faith to accomplish what you set out.

7 male goats representing on one hand the number seven cabalistic and good luck on the other side rafters symbolize male strength and perseverance.

  All supported by a red bar which means love, essential substance of human relationship.

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This prohibited the manufacture and / or total or partial reproduction of patented products and brand presentations Siete Machos (7 males ) in any of its presentations.

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Mexico DF
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